Friday, February 8, 2013

Sale Alert: Ultimate Outlet

You may or may not have heard of Spiegel or Newport News, but I grew up fairly familiar with the mail-order retailers. My mom loved receiving the catalogs every season and flipping through them for years only to make one or two purchases ever. Those orders were chock full of shapeless, kindergarten teacher-approved jumpers...and that's why I avoided the brands for decades.

A few years ago I succumbed to perusing their sites, found a couple of perfect pieces for a steal, and I haven't looked back. (My favorite zip-front booties are Newport News and I get compliments every time I wear them.)

Spiegel and Newport News joined forces and is now one retailer that goes by the name Ultimate Outlet.This weekend the store lives up to its name, as everything on the site will be Buy 1 Get One Free!

I found myself drawn to a couple of pieces, and then I quickly learned why. Here are a few great designer-inspired goods that you might want to snag at the B1G1 sale:

Tahari, $140

Spiegel, $70

Ted Baker, $55

ShapeFX, $14

Babajaan, $340

ShapeFX, $69

Warehouse, $87

ShapeFX, $69

Gareth Pugh, $402

ShapeFX, $99

Calypso St Barth, $225

ShapeFX, $99

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