Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Splurge v Steal: Foil Sweaters

Foil sweaters, or knitwear with a metallic coating, are cropping up all over the place. Not to be mistaken for lurex sweaters (with metallic threads knitted in) or embellished sweaters (with sequins/beading/applique sewn to the garment), foil sweaters have a distinct texture and sheen.

They're this magical balance of cozy on the inside and industrial-glam on the outside. Plus, as metallics you can treat them as neutrals and wear them with almost anything in your closet. Worn over a printed dress or with on-trend colored denim, it's a chic alternative to your standard knits.

I've grabbed a few examples for you so that no matter your price range you can experiment with a lustered pullover...

Foil sweaters

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  1. I like this side-by-side comparison of a cheaper alternative, cute! Love the dark red pants!