Monday, January 14, 2013

How to Wear: Printed Silk Pants

I've never been one to leave the house in pajama pants, not even in college when running late for an exam. It just was not something I ever had any interest in doing...until now. To be fair, they're not pajama pants per se, but silky, printed, relaxed-fit pants aren't a whole lot different from your PJs.

Luckily designers have been producing these pieces for a few seasons and they're starting to get some credibility in the normal (read: uninterested in fashion) world. Of course the pants are meant to be more of a luxurious statement piece rather than a lazy default, so here are some tips for making sure you look bright-eyed and sharp and not like you hit the snooze button one too many times...

Chunky Sweater + Necklace
The volume of the sweater adds depth to your look while adding jewelry to any outfit finishes off the look and makes it seem like you put a lot more effort into it.

Comfy Tee + Leather Jacket
Just pairing the pants with a tee is risky business, but throw on a leather topper and all of the sudden your outfit is so "model off duty".

Loads of Layers
It's pretty much impossible to look lazy if you're wearing lots of great textures going on. In this look there's an airy button-up, thin knitwear, and a fur vest.

Feminine Blouse + Structured Bag
Wear what you'd wear to work but trade in the trousers for your silky prints and the pants can serve as a great, work-appropriate accent.

Add a Blazer
Adding a blazer to pretty much anything is one of the best go-to "dress it up" tips ever. Over a daydress, denim, or PJ-like pants, everything just looks ten times more chic.

Crisp Oxford + Sweater
There's something so proper about wearing a sweater over a clean white oxford. The professionalism of it offsets the whimsy of the pants and they end up complimenting each other.

Anything Tailored
I've paired the pants with a pussybow blouse here, but really any tailored top should do the trick. Peplums, button-ups, even leathers and tweeds will add some much needed structure to your outfit.

Remember the magic of the Bedazzler and how it could turn your oversized sweatshirt into a glamorous tunic? (Sorta.) Adding a embellished or sequin top makes your printed pants party-ready.

Finally, here are some great options if you're feeling inspired:




Marc by Marc Jacobs




Tolani Carrie Silk Pant in Blue Ikat

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