Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Diary of an Aspiring Stylist: Post-Shoot Debrief
Getting Started

Whew! My first shoot is done and it turned out to be just as awesome as I had anticipated. The models, photographer, videographer, hair, makeup, and the stylist for the male models were all phenomenal. I can't wait to show the finished shots in a few weeks!
Jenna modeling her second look of the day.
The night before the shoot I carefully packed my looks in the car, laying the clothing out so as not to wrinkle them. I packed the shoes and accessories in suitcases and learned that Jewelmint jewelry boxes are absolutely perfect for packing jewelry. They all have spots for necklaces, earrings, and rings so you can make sure things don't get jumbled or knotted. (Plus, the Jewelmint pieces were a hit on the set!)
Love my Jewelmint pieces and boxes
I also packed safety pins, clamps, a sewing kit, paper towels to stuff the shoes if they were too big. Next time I will definitely bring my own clothing rack. (I used a backdrop stand the photographer brought with her.) I also made the mistake of wearing pants without pockets and all day I kept trying to put things (phones, pins, etc.) in my non-existent pockets.
Everything laid out at the photo shoot base camp
As a stylist on a shoot, you're responsible for bringing the clothing, making sure it looks right on the models, and making sure everything is laying correctly while photos are being taken. There wasn't much to adjust while shooting, but I did have to fix a hat brim that had an awkward wave in it.
Models being prepped for the shoot
And then, of course, you need to make sure you return everything you borrowed for the shoot.
The boutique's list of everything I borrowed
  • Be flexible. I planned out a number of looks for the shoot, but coming in the photographer wanted to be pretty hands-on and we rearranged the looks and created new outfits on set. 
  • Think on your feet. The stylist for the male models rolled in a rack of all his clothes and built his outfits on the spot when he met the models and sized up their build, coloring, and look. 
  • Network. In this industry it's super important to network. A portfolio of strong work isn't going to do you much good if you don't have references or people introducing you to collaborators. Introduce yourself to everyone working on the set and pass out business cards or your contact info. It's been less than 48 hours and I've already heard from one of the models and the makeup artist that they both know of projects I may be suited for.
With the models in their second looks
It was a blast. I look forward to building my portfolio, printing some business cards, and finding more work!

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