Thursday, October 4, 2012

Style Snapshot

We just got back from a trip out West, and you guys it was beautiful out there! We visited the White Sands Desert in New Mexico, pictured above. The pace of life out there is so relaxed, which I really appreciated until I got to the office and had to double-time it to get back to normal city life.

This is my version of the always polarizing skirt-over-dress look. I think the matching belt pulls the look together and the bling adds a lot of polish to an otherwise pretty unstructured look.


  1. Love this look - would have never thought to pair that skirt with the dress but I really like the way it comes together with the accessories! :)

  2. You're looking fabulous dear! I love the pairing of the skirt with the dress, I would love to try that ;D, the white sands are really beautiful, I have to go back with the kids (I haven't been there for a while) lol!

    xoxo Julieta